Wonderful Residential Design in Middle-East

Ramat Gan House Black Stairs White Wall Glass Window

Middle East is an exotic area in the Asia, the Arabian race dominating in this area with many tourist objects that you can enjoy in your holiday time, you can get a luxurious place with the great residential design to spend your night in here. Not only famous by the oil industries and the conflict that always happened in Middle East, but there are also some tourist attractions that you can add in your vacation place list in your note. The desert, the red sea, Dead Sea, or the culinary in Middle East are really famous around the global.

Residential Design in The Land of The Prophet Birth Place

Look at this picture; this is the picture of the one luxurious private residence in the famous middle east country, Israel. The luxurious residential interior design will be your great choice in your holiday time. We know that Israel is one of the conflicts zone in the Middle East.

They war against Palestine is never stop and always rocking the world. But do not worry having your vacation in this country, the war area between Israel and Palestine only happened in the Gaza District, that is the cross border between the Israel and Palestine. Far away from that area, you can find peace and calm relax for your holiday time.

Based on the picture, it is a modern home design with the natural contemporary shape of the house. The white wall color of the exterior design ideas make this house look matching with the outdoor situation of the environment that surround the house location.

The outdoor swimming pool also become the sweeter in this desert climate area, the high degree in the afternoon can reach about 40 degree. The green garden outside the walls also brings the fresh air inside of the home design ideas, this is the green zone that you can get in this residence.

Residential Design with Contemporary Home Concepts

In the interior design of the fascinating residence, you can see the spacious interior design that use in this room decoration ideas. This spacious room design makes this interior decoration more airy and has a lot of space for us to move inside of the house.

The contemporary furniture color also brings the calm impression inside of this exclusive residence in this exotic country. All the composition of the interior design is the best architectural design.

Ramat Gan House Blue Mosaic Tile Pool Glass Wall

Ramat Gan House Face Picture Black Stairscase

Ramat Gan House Glass Wall Wooden Floor

Ramat Gan House Glass Windows White Wall

Ramat Gan House Green Lawn Indoor Glass Door

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