Wonderful Contemporary Residential Designs in Concrete Wall Ideas

Familiar House In Marbella Creame Wall Ornamental Plants And Trees

Made your home from concrete can be said that it is a modern contemporary ideas for your home, the contemporary residential design with keeping the natural color of the outdoor concrete wall ideas can be one of the good alternative as your exterior design of your house. The concrete building also gives some impressions in your home character and as the symbol of the personalities of the house owner.

You can starts to make your home impression by designing the exterior part of your home, make the exterior layout design and brings the impression from the exterior design ideas of your lovely and proud home design ideas.

Contemporary Residential Designs in Minimalist Shade

There are some pictures of my friend’s home design, it can be your influence to make your home interior design ideas. If from the exterior design ideas you can feel the strong of the modern residential design with the natural concrete color of the outside wall of the house, you can still got the same wall for the interior design ideas in his lovely home. He kind of person that not really like many artistic ornaments inside of my house, that is why I used the minimalist interior design as my interior design ideas. He use less furniture or any artistic ornaments in my house.

He have spacious interior ideas with less divider to separate one room to another room. it gives me more spaces to move and get a large air as the circulation inside of my home interior design ideas. He used the natural concrete color of the walls, using white L shape sofa in the living room and the white drapes to cover my big glass windows. He give the colorful furniture with the purple dark grand pianos in the spacious living room, this is one of the music instrument that I can play.

Contemporary Residential Designs with Luxurious Furniture

Precious furniture like the purple dark grand pianos can be a luxurious furniture inside of my minimalist interior design ideas in my home. He also put some artistic painting from the drapes that can be roll out as the background of the grand piano. I think this one of the artistic area in his home. He use contemporary furniture to make the modern luxurious shade in the interior design, it brings the modern house design in my home design.

Familiar House In Marbella Creame Wall White Chairs Big Trees

Familiar House In Marbella Cremae Cermics Wall With View

Familiar House In Marbella Gold Hanging Lamps Luxury Kitchen

Familiar House In Marbella Master Bedroom White Chair White Bath

Familiar House In Marbella Modern Living Room Ceramics Floor

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