Stunning Style of the Wheeler Residence

Wheeler Residence Ceramics Floor Wooden Door

Most of the people who are living in the area of California must know about the Wheeler residence. This residence is located in the area of Menlo Park. It is being established by based on the design of the William Duff and his team.

They try to combine the idea of the high end model of the modern design that creates the modern touch on the residence. It is actually willing to make the basic design of the green building idea. The decoration of the wood accent creates the best decoration for the whole designs in the creation of the elegant style.

Best Style of Wheeler residence

Here I have some pictures about the beautiful design of the residence. The Wheeler residence design rests on the design of the elegant and also bright concept. The using of the large windows makes this residence to look wonderful and also elegant.

There are so many choices that we can apply in order to make the brilliant idea of the combination of the residence decoration. The architect is going to make the commitment on creating the green building concept.

Outstanding Decoration of Wheeler Residence

The best decoration of this residence covers some areas of the home such as the living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and also the terrace. Overall, this design is being developed by William Duff and his team.

The using f the COR-TEN product of the steel creates the strong building combination all the way. It is aimed at creating the elegant and also strong power in the home decoration. Feel free to get this design in being applied. It would be the right solution of creating the wonderful design.

The creation of the passive ventilation is being used as the place for having the better circulation system. Then, the radiant floors are being implemented in creating the luxurious part of the concrete design. The solar hot water is being made in order to make the photo-voltaic sense in the process of energy reducing. Then, you will get the extra ordinary moment of staying at the wonderful home that has a unique combination in the Wheeler residence architecture design now.

Wheeler Residence Dark Wall Ornamental Plants

Wheeler Residence For Small Bathroom Steel Faucet

Wheeler Residence For White Bathup Steel Faucet

Wheeler Residence Green Lawn At Evening View

Wheeler Residence Grey Countertop Kitchen With View

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