Effortless Beauty

Magic Teak Wood White Chest Wardrobe

This effortlessly beautiful apartment is just what everyone need. It is neat, it is cheerful, it is gorgeous and most importantly, it doesn’t need fancy furniture but also does not look cheap!

The first time you walk into the room, you would see the kitchen and the living room — it is actually a small apartment but it looks spacious because it does not use any room divider except for the bedroom and bathroom. The kitchen and living room area is really nice; the white is so prominent, it makes the other colors pops out in a very playful way. Everything is basically white in the whole apartment; the floor, walls, doors, windows, and even for most furniture.

In the kitchen, it has white kitchen counters with dark wood on top of the counters. White cabinets also with dark wood on the bottom of the cabinets, and white small tiles for a wall decor installation. Fresh herbs are nicely put on the counters to freshen up the kitchen, silver cookware are on display on the wall to make it easier to grab and to add a little nice touch to the bright white room. The colorful napkin with playful motives and pastel color ornaments on top of the kitchen cabinets give a very playful detail.

Living Room Area

The living room area is the most colorful area in the apartment, so this is like the center of all areas. Blue comfortable couch with colorful cushions and beige blanket that looks warm. The rug has a very nice palette of warm earthy colors. A big color blocks painting which is very contrast against the white wall is a quite nice touch. In the corner, you can see the bookshelf area that can also be a place to put cute colorful ornaments, there’s a drawer under the bookshelf which is very functional for a small apartment.

Pay attention to details if you have bright white rooms, it needs to be colorful or contrast against the white or what you’ll have is just a pale plain apartment. You can feel a slightly vintage feeling when you walk into the bedroom; the detail of the door knob is quite awesome. The floral-motives curtain and pink ornaments on the bed night stand bring you back to the good old days!

In case you want to remodel your apartment with less effort, this is a fun design to try!

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