Comfortable House with Contemporary Design by In Situ Studio

Artistic Wall Mural Black Chairs Glass Bay Window Chasen Residence

As contemporary design becomes increasingly popular, so does the number of finished architectural works featuring it. An excellent example of a wonderful house with contemporary design would be the Chasen Residence. The house, which is designed by In Situ Studio, is featured among other list of list of contemporary architectural works in HomeDSGN—a famous site featuring wonderful inspiring architectural designs. The house appears not only unique due to its intricate details of being contemporary, but it is also really comfortable.

The Intricate Elements Featured on the House with Contemporary Design Exterior

One thing of importance about the house is its compact design. The exterior appearance presents the suitors of the house with something small, if not tiny, as the main building of the house construction. It is inside this non-spacious looking display that the tone of contemporary style of design is extensively implemented. The view of the house building from the rear resembles a storehouse. This is due to some bikes hanging near the transparent glass of the window and the metallic details it present by the appearance of the wall.

The wall of the house building is covered with thick layer of tiles made of steel. This is something very unique as usually tiles or woods cover a wall layout of an exterior detail. The bottom part is where a set of window frames come to prominence. Along the small indentations that separate the frames of windows, the framework is built from old woods. The color scheme the exterior applies is a magnificent combination of brown along with wood and reflective black color of the glass.

Very Comfortable Layout of the Interior of the House with Contemporary Design

As has been mentioned before, the inside of the house is really charming in appearance. This charming display contributes a lot to the making of a very comfortable and pleasant mood of all the rooms of the house. Moreover, the supplementing of minimalist contemporary furnishing items also further establishes the contemporary and practical tone. The layout of the room consists of a wall that comes in clean white concrete and a magnificent polished wooden covering as the floor.

Chasen Residence Rustic White Wood Door Glass Window

Chasen Residence Wooden Staircase Fresh Greenery Outdoor Furniture

Drum Table Lamp Wood Bed Headboard Chasen Residence Glass Bay Window

Glass Bay Window Chasen Residence Rustic Wooden Cellar

Glass Door Chasen Residence Beautiful White Orchid White Drawer

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