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Ellipse Bathtub Large Glass Wall Water Tab Cream Granite Floor And Rattan Vase

Natural Living Villa In Costa Rica

This cutting edge masterpiece is built on the crest of a natural coastal canyon with an impressive architecture as well as the interior design. This 6,500 sq ft villa is such an inspiration. The private location and the generous open air spaces make this stunning piece of architecture is the perfect gateway stay for a family or couples. Tropical minimalist vibe is felt nicely in this villa; it brings you…

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Wildcat Ridge Residence Wooden Floor Marble Desk

Modern Wildcat Ridge Residence with Unique Walling

Having a unique home design like Wildcat Ridge Residence is my new hope before I build my new house. It is caused by that house is very interesting and very great for me. I have ever visited that house once. That is when I was in Russia. At that time, I wanted to enjoy a new way on enjoying a vacation. Therefore, my girlfriend suggested me to go to that…

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Wooden Floor At Bathroom Wooden Ceiling Six Star Luxury Boutique

Beautiful Luxury Chalet Design in Snowy Place

In your vacation time in mountain area it is great to have sleep in chalet, you can use luxury chalet design as your place to stay in your holiday time. Chalet actually villa house that you can find in the mountain area, they call it chalet, you cannot find chalet in the beach area. Usually they call the beach villa as the resort, but villa is the most common name…

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Amazing White Living Room With White Sofa And Colorful Cushion Table Orange Carpet And Modern Orange Lounge Chair

Wonderful Luxurious Residence in Big City

Having a private residence in the middle of a big city is not a big deal, you will get the luxurious residence with the perfect home design ideas that you can get in the middle of the crowded area in a town. This can be a perfect solution for you that looking for a place to stay in the middle of the town. There are a lot of advantages that…

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Coromandel Bach  Wooden Floor Glass Dooe Ideas

Beautiful Contemporary Room Design in Beach House Shade

Having a great house in a perfect location has become our dream house for our retirement day, using contemporary room design of your room decoration concepts you will get the calm and relax shade of your home design ideas. Every detail of your decoration ideas is need to be care to get the maximum results of your dream house ideas. With the beach panoramic views out there, you can make…

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Wheeler Residence Grey Countertop Kitchen With View

Stunning Style of the Wheeler Residence

Most of the people who are living in the area of California must know about the Wheeler residence. This residence is located in the area of Menlo Park. It is being established by based on the design of the William Duff and his team. They try to combine the idea of the high end model of the modern design that creates the modern touch on the residence. It is actually…

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Grey Bed Sofa Fur Sofa Cushions Soft Color Coffee Table Fascinating Hidden Light

Awesome Chalets For Vacation Getaway

After being whole day skiing in the part of world’s largest ski runs, chalets are a great place to indulge you with the warmth inside and fully charming decoration. Located in Courchevel, French Alps, these chalets provide many things for its guess to accommodate their needs. Each chalet has five bedrooms with different kind of theme. Since the bedrooms are sizable, every bedroom has its own bathroom. The kitchen, dining…

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Bed 4 Hanging Wall Painting 2 Table Lamps Wooden Ceiling Hidden Lamps

Chalet K2 Adds More Fire to One’s Ski Trip

Chalet K2 is definitely my favorite resort when I ski to the French Alps. Being a person who was born near the equator, I barely have the chance to enjoy snow. So when I got the chance, I make sure that my trip will be at its fullest. So of course, I make sure I have the best resort when I went to the Alps. Boy, I did not regret…

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Wooden Floor Hidden Lamps White Square Bathtub Wooden Ceiling Ceiling Mouthed Rai

The Lemperle Residence; Elegance of Modern Residence

I had just been home after I had a vacation in California, USA. Actually, my plan to go there has been since long time ago. However, I could realize it about two weeks ago. In last holiday, I and my boyfriend had a vacation in California, USA. I and she had a great experience of enjoying the nature of the California. Besides that, I also stayed in a very good…

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Casa Vale Do Lobo Steel Faucet Kitchen Dark Cabinet

Wonderful Luxurious Golf Resorts in the Golf Arena

Golf is the executive sport that only high-end person that like to play, a luxurious golf resorts become a must for a golf center to be a great place to stay before the golf game begin. Just because this is an executive sports it is necessary to serve the executive person with the extraordinary service to make them pleasure with all facilities and also the resort interior design in the…

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