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Sams Creek For Small Kitchen Wooden Countertop Granite Backsplash

Wooden House Design with the Contemporary Ideas

Wood is the great materials for making a n interesting house design. This amazing Wooden House Design is designed using the great idea. When I stay in this house, I feel like in the real cozy place. Completed with the contemporary design of this house, it will make me feel so amazed when I see this house design. Designed by Bates Masi Architects, it becomes the great masterpiece that is…

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W House White Wall Simple Stairs

Unique House Design from Thailand with the Amazing Ideas

This house design has the contemporary theme that will make the people who stay in this house feel very comfort. The house is located in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand. Stands on 2.174 square foot, this Unique House Design will be the big house that can accommodate many people in this house. This house is also called W house. It is caused by the shape of this house that is similar with…

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Wooden Wall With Transparent Washstand With Rectangular Mirror And Two Lamps On The Wall

Super Luxurious House

Be careful or you might get lost in this big, super luxurious house. What can go wrong with this house? It is placed on top of the hill in Ranch Santa Fe with 360° view of beautiful surroundings, has 6 bedroom suites, 8 amazing baths, beautiful patios and terrace, irresistible swimming pool and Jacuzzi. I could go on and on about all the cool things this house has, but the…

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Villa Phuket Design For Elegant Living Room Creame Curtain

Stunning Exclusive Home Design for Executive Person

What you would do if you had a lot of money? I think I will spend it to buy a luxurious home with exclusive home design and complete facilities inside of the house. I always wondering to have my dream house and decorate it by myself. It is normal to have a dream house, everyone has their own dream house. Most of them wondering to have a big size house…

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Gayton Road Residence Wooden Bookshleves Glass Wall Ideas

Wonderful Contemporary Home Plans in City

Located in the suburban area of the big city you need a place as your rest area after all day long you work, makes some contemporary home plans as your place to stay to give the comfortable site for you. If you have any idea to design your own home as you relax place to stay, you need have a great design plans to build your dream house. some residences…

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Glass Staircase Laminate Flooring TV Unit White Sofas Modern Coffee Table

Santa Caterina House with Innovative Minimalist Design

After I wander around tourism objects in Italy, I initiate to stay at my cousin’s house in Verona, Italy. My cousin offers me a comfort place to stay for a while before I go home. After several minutes looking for, his address finally I get Santa Caterina House which is designed in contemporary style. This three story house is built based on Alberto Apostoli’s idea. I like design of house…

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Fascinating Exterior Swimming Pool Modern Residence El Viento With Wooden Sunbed And Amazing View Of Hillside

Attractive and Interesting House Design Comes with the Mountain Scenery

This house has the interesting design that will make the people who stay in this house design feel very amazed with the design of this house. stands on 800 square meters, this house has the enough dimension in making all of the member of the family do the gathering time in this amazing house design. Completed with the interesting design of this house, I feel very comfort when I stay…

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Artipisyal Pond Trees Wooden Roof Larger Glasses Windows Loaf Windows

AHA Family Residence: Rustic Modest Elegant house

People who have modern soul usually have wished to build AHA Family Residence. This house is being famous this recent year. There are many people talk about this house. This design is very suitable applied in the village. The green scenery in the village cannot be found in the city. So, many villagers have the chance to build this house. They can live pleasant with beautiful scenery around them. I…

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Wooden Laminate Floor And Glass Wall With Aluminium Frame To The Small Garden

Stunning Luxury Home Design with Panoramic Views

Build your dream house in a perfect location of your home land area and decorate it with the luxury home design to make a symbol of your success that you reach in your live. Having a luxurious home design can be a symbol of the character of the owner of the house, I think it will proud to have a perfect place to stay after years and years we performance…

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Hidden Lamps Glasses Sliding Door Wooden Dining Table 8 Dining Chairs Marble Floor

The Margoliouth House Showcases Luxury

In my interior design class, I have a friend who has a very amazing house. Of course, it is an extraordinary house which is equipped with a number of interesting things, including its interior design. My friend names it The Margoliouth House. At Wednesday afternoon, I plan to go her modern home living due to I have no class on Thursday. When I arrived at that house for the first…

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