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Poona House Floor Lamps Terrace Front Yard Grasses Yard

Poona House: Elegant Perfect Home Design

All people who live in India sure know about Poona House. This house is the most wanted house in India. My boyfriend has this home after he bought it from a rich man. My boyfriend likes to pick me every time he has leisure time. He says that he likes to spend the rest of his times with me. That is very impressed me. I can hear the sound of…

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Fancy Pink Wall Paint Wooden Floor Tall Square Kitchen Table

Intriguing Square Kitchen Table with Green Chairs

In a house, it is very nice idea to have the Square Kitchen Table inside. It is caused by that kind of kitchen furniture design will be able to give a different atmosphere in a modern kitchen design. That modern kitchen will have a better look if it is also filled with the interesting kitchen interior design and decorating idea. However, the existence of the kitchen furniture is very important…

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Stainless Steel Range Hood, Modern Stove Classic Cupboard Laminate Flooring Hidden Light

Tuscan Style Kitchens; Classic Design

Last summer, I had a vacation in Italy. I found many interesting thing there, including about the villa which was the place for me to stay in. In that, villa, I found a very unique thing that I have never seen before. That was the kitchen. I was looking for the information about the kitchen and I got a good answer. That was the Tuscan Style Kitchens. That kitchen design…

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Typographic Tabisso Lounge Furniture Chairs From Words Idea

Unique Typographic Furniture Gives Your Room an Identity

Are you familiar with typographic furniture? Just by saying it, maybe you can imagine the shape of the furniture. Yes, this kind of furniture forms the alphabet shape from A to Z and the numbers 0 to 9. There are various colors, motifs, and font of the furniture. Sometimes, it is completed with the punctuation. Generally, this furniture is chair and the punctuation is the lamp. Do you want to…

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Zara Fabric Corner Sofa

Wonderful L Shaped Sofa in Living Room

Living room will look amazing and comfortable when using L shaped sofa for the furniture design. You can choose the sofa design which has the beautiful color and made from leather or fabric material. The important is you can choose the sofa design which has suitable with your space room. L Shaped Sofa Design Related to this situation, when you want your living room looks amazing and comfortable maybe you…

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Staircase Chandeliers Arch Lamp Dark Sofa Untreated Wall

S11 House Brings Out Tropical Concept in Colorful Theme

I have an invitation of my old friend that will celebrate her anniversary. She asks me to come one day before the event is begun. So, I determine to get her house right now. I have spent many hours to find her house which is located in Selangor, Malaysia and then finally I find S11 House. This house is designed as tropical house which looks so luxurious. Contemporary concept can…

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2 Pendant Lamps Stool Bar Modern Gas Stove Blender Washbasin

Rajuela House: Example of a Low Maintenance House

Rajuela house will look odd for some when they see the outer appearance of it. I had the same feeling too when I set my sight on it. The color and the stony wall look so dry and dull for me. The little garden in front of the house does not help either, because the plant can be barely seen until one squint his eyes. However, after knowing how the…

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Small Kids Learning Desk With Computer Contemporary Teenage Bedroom Furniture

Stunning Teenage Bedroom Furniture

Teenage bedroom usually has simple design because the teenagers usually want something simple and practice and they also completed with teenage bedroom furniture. You can decorate your house with using this bedroom furniture to make your bedroom looks simple and organize. Teenage Bedroom Furniture Design Related to this situation, talk about the teenage bedroom ideas cannot separate with the bedroom furniture. The bedroom furniture design for teenagers usually is very…

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Spacious Room Wooden Accents Cheap BedroomFurniture Design

Wonderful Installation of Cheap Bedroom Furniture

The new product of the Cheap Bedroom Furniture has the perfect installation. You do not have to be afraid about the price because even though it is sold in the low price but it is still having the best bedroom collection with the best haven sleigh model with the bedroom collection that would show the strong construction of its program as well. It can become one of the most wonderful…

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Laminate Kitchen Cabinet Range Hood Stainless Steel Kitchen Appliances Indoor Plants Glass Door

Roomy House in Danderyd Designed in Bright Decoration

I go to Sweden to spend holiday in my grandmother’s house. I still remember address of her roomy house in Danderyd. Danderyd belongs to city that is located in Stockholm area. I endure to live in my grandmother’s house because it is designed in great architecture and interior of house which is so spacious. This house is surrounded by leafy trees which conceal house from solar heat. Besides, grass and…

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