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Warm Fur Rug Split Level House  Red Outdoor Furniture

Magnificent Split Level House in Philadelphia

Usually along urban area where the number of building of houses are very crowded, it is very difficult to find a single house which features contrastive look and appears outstandingly different from the rest of the crowd. Such is the target the Qb Design architectural firm looks forward to achieve through their split level house in United States. The house does not only present different look through the exterior but…

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Blabar Villa Wooden Deck Grey Wall Painting

Contemporary Villa Architecture with the Great Design

Contemporary villa design is the most interesting place to stay. I ever stay in the contemporary design of villa that makes me feel very satisfied with the design of the villa. This Contemporary Villa Architecture is located in Nacka, Sweden. It is the efficient villa design that is surrounding by the forest. The villa is very suitable for the people who want to get the relaxation place that far from…

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Portable Hotel Room In A Suitcase

Cool Modular Room for Critical Need

Have you ever thought about modular room when you need to find new residence or renovate an old building? This kind of room is more like moving room style that you can bring and move easily. This design is called the Hotello as unusual place to stay at night and day. It actually has similar function with camp, however while camp is only deliver one compact room without installed item,…

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Living Room Hidden Tv

Dashing Industrial Loft from Belgian Architecture

When people heard about industrial loft, the first thing that comes to mind might be cold and simple design. Both of those thought must be true but industrial loft from Dethier Architecture as Belgian company is somehow more unique than usual loft style. Futuristic feeling is matched with industrial material which brings clean and sharp line to the loft building. Industrial Loft Idea Here is some styles’ review that will…

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House In Banzao Design Glass House Design

Creative Outlook of Banzao House

The creative home decoration is seen clearly in the decoration of Banzao house. This is the best design that is developed by the idea of Federico Valsassina architect and his team in design interior. In the first beginning, the design is actually considered as the unique design that is being implemented with the creative idea of the contemporary decoration. It is located in small area in the area of Portugal….

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Fabulous Paint Color Ideas Bathroom Dark Framed Mirror

Colorful Paint Color Ideas for Any Kind Types of Room

The room always full of one of character from paint color ideas that become a characteristic for each home. People prefer to choose color according to their favorite color or according to their passion. The people always match between main theme and main color, so it wills synergy between both of matters. The theme of home lead to the theme of color. The characteristic of color always represent a current…

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Haus W Large Garden Design

Brilliant Underground Home Design in Contemporary Ideas

Having a bunker in your home is now become necessity of us because now there are a lot of disaster that frequently happen to us, you can make your underground home design to get more save with your home building to another disaster that might come through into your house. But sometimes it can be a good artistic design to planted your home as your home decoration ideas in the…

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Dark Grovels Stone Wall Inspiring Stone Monument Shady Greenery

Eloquent Caring Cabin for Sanctuary

Cozy, warm and stylish is the first impression that we get from this caring cabin that is located near the lake in the Pacific City, Oregon, USA. This cabin was made as a retreat home and sanctuary for children with cancer and their families away from sterilized of medical world. With the style of modern sub tropic home, it has a rustic style with the use of natural grey stone…

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Black And White House Four Elegant Cars

Creative Black White House Inspiration for Luxury

In this modern era, maybe the Black White House idea can be a very good inspiration to build a modern home living which is equipped with luxuries at the inside or outside. I can say so because I think the usage of white and black decoration looks very good in a modern home living that I have visited. It began when I have to go to my partner’s house to…

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Outdoor Staircase Green Roof Outdoor Railing Green Balcony View From The Top Of MZ House

Great Architecture of MZ House in Middle of Woodlands

No one would expect to build house alone in middle of forest. But in fact, my uncle did. He spends a lot of money to actualize his idea that he wants to build a house that far from bustle of city. I think he is right since technology and industrial development, environment in cities become full of pollution and noisy. Thus, he decides to build great architecture of MZ House…

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