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Kitchen With Cabinet Stainless Steel Sink Water Tap

Small And Cozy Yet Rough House Design

This house is so cozy, it looks like a coffee shop, probably smells like one too. The combination of brick walls with several colors like brown and white, odd mix of woods, the seemingly unfinished concrete cement walls and the rustic bronze colored pipes as an accent is a quite a cozy and homey interior design which is why this kind of design is adapted to many coffee shops, so…

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Coppin Penthouse Wine Cellar Rack And Shelve

Beautiful Penthouse Panorama Using Glass Walls and Fences

If you have to live in a penthouse, you should not confuse with the design of your house. With the beautiful scenery that allows you to see the surrounding buildings or panorama, you can creatively design your own house and have some inspiration. If you have not any idea yet, the below home may inspire you to have a luxury look of home. Since you live in the top of…

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Comfort Jacuzzi With Wooden Ambiance And Small Trees

Upper Side Apartment, Modern, Cozy and Earthy

I have so many words to describe how this fantastic stylish yet warm this upper side apartment is. This apartment is located in a lower Manhattan neighborhood in NYC. Surrounded with others apartment and taller building make this apartment have to be catchy to see while at the same time cozy to live in. Beside, this apartment is currently on sale for $24,500,000, so is it worth? Check it out….

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Modern Dining Room With Kitchen Set From Stainless Steel Chandelier White Wall And Pillar

Spacious Art Gallery Alike Apartment

This 5,900 sq foot apartment located in Tribeca is art gallery alike. The dramatic way of the sun light shines into every corner of the room is effortlessly beautiful. This apartment offers openness to every area by using curtains as room separator which can always left drawn open or closed. The minimalist modern design of the apartment is pretty strong for its concept. The minimalism is felt strongly through the…

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Cream Bathroom With Water Tap Bathtub Mirror And Closet

Refreshingly Energetic Small Apartment

The smaller it is, the cozier it gets. The expression might just perfectly describe this fresh and energetic small apartment. Strong combinations of green, white, and dark wood materials with a calming touch of beige palette colors. This apartment is a perfect nest for a young dynamic couple. The Living Room The living room area feels very vividly alive; it looks like it is intended as the main room for…

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Living Room With Brown Sofa Plus Cushion Wooden Floor Dark Fur Rug Two Pouffe And Modern Fireplace

Modern Meets Rustic

Modern meets rustic. Prominent in wood display and beige colors with a hint of black ornament decorations, this apartment design offers a different kind of style, very original. It is cold but also warm at the same time. The Living Room The space of the living room is quite generous while the other rooms’ space is utilized to its best. Living room area is decorated with sleek, simple wood coffee…

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Large Pendant Lamp Wooden Dining Table Tabletop Hanging Wall Painting Staircase

Homey Apartment in Moscow Offers Place with Scenic View

I decide to stay at my brother’s residence for a while before I get comfort place for stay during I study at one of popular university in Moscow, Russian. In this town, I find difficulties looking for his apartment, because it is my first time to visit Moscow. Finally I can get my brother’s apartment based on guidance he gave for me. I can see a great architecture of apartment…

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Sloped Space Built Ins

Stunning Micro Apartment Looks Attractive with Slopping Roof

Generally people tend to be interested in simple life style. In choosing dwelling, they also prefer simple and minimalist design. My sister also likes to stay at condominium since to build a house, she must require wide land. Generally, condominium is supplied with cool facilities that make occupant live cozily. My sister chooses to stay at Micro Apartment which is dominated with white color. I assume this apartment is quite…

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White Kitche And Cutlery Set And Refrigator

Effortless Beauty

This effortlessly beautiful apartment is just what everyone need. It is neat, it is cheerful, it is gorgeous and most importantly, it doesn’t need fancy furniture but also does not look cheap! The first time you walk into the room, you would see the kitchen and the living room — it is actually a small apartment but it looks spacious because it does not use any room divider except for…

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Micro Loft Manhattan Staircase Open Drawers

Superb Loft Transformation with Romantic Top Space

Small space must be stressful to organize sometime but loft transformation located in Manhattan is giving people more than the idea of large space trick but also elegant and sophisticated residence with smart design which can be saving space without making it looks messy and unorganized. Loft Transformation Look Take a look at some photos that talk about how to gain a good look of loft apartment. Let’s start with…

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