Brilliant Modern House Design in Tropical Area

Beautiful Ocean View Outdoor Pool Dupli Dos Design

People like you might be choose a tropical area to build your dream house with the modern house design as your home decoration ideas. Living in the tropical area give you some challenges to create your own home decoration ideas for your house. You will need more spacious room decor with minimalist ideas and use less furniture to make more spaces for your room decoration. You have also to think about the circulation of the air that come from outside into your home. You really need to have a good air circulation in your hose that located in the tropical area.

Modern House Design with Luxurious Design

Look at this pictures, this one of the modern home design pictures that located in the tropical area in Dupli Doz, Ibiza, Brazil. This country is one of the country that lies in the equator line of the earth, this exotic country also have the biggest tropical forest in the world, Amazon. Ibiza is one of the place in Brazil that lies in the sea shore area. It have an exotic beach that become the most popular tourist objects for local and foreign tourist. This is a perfect place to build your dream house with modern house interior design with the beautiful sea scene of the home views.

From the outside this white home design have a contemporary exterior design of the house. It is a save choice to choose white color as the outside color of your home color ideas. The white color is the neutral color that usually used by people to painting their house wall. Even the white color is common color of the house, but the unique home design shape make this house looks different with other exterior home design. It is a contemporary shape ideas of your house and it is a good influence for your home ideas.

Modern House Design for Interior

It is nothing when we talked about home design without talked about the interior design of the house. This wonderful white house design has great and luxurious interior design ideas inside of the home. From the outside we can have the luxurious shade from the outdoor swimming pool and lunge that have the scene views. For the interior ideas of this house, using the spacious room decor with contemporary furniture on it.

The white wall color still the wall interior room color, this is the consistency of the house to keep the white wall color. The minimalist interior design brings the exclusive shade of the room design and create an luxurious impression of the modern house decor.

Beautiful Ocean View White Wall Dupli Dos Design

Creame Living Room White Pillows Dupli Dos Design

Creame Sofa Dark Purple Rug Dupli Dos Design

Dupli Dos Design At Night White Sand In Outdoor

Dupli Dos Design Brown Plant Pot Creame Chair Dupli Dos Design

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