Bayside House Decorated in White Theme for Brightness

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I do not know where to go during I look for university in New York. So I decide to visit my aunt’s house that domiciles in Bay-side, New York, United States. I call her to know address of Bay-side house where she lives. I realize her house effortlessly and she greetings me nicely. I have to say that her house is extraordinary house that I have ever visited. This house is built by bringing out contemporary concept ad it is decorated by several novel architectures. I walk along path that is designed likewise zigzag line. This path is decorated with grasses that appear on clefts of path. Next to path there is small garden that is planted with greenness and big stones as natural decoration.

Exterior Design

Exterior design of house is like a cube shape which is adorned with horizontal texture on wall. I come into three story house that seems simple but luxurious. White theme on living room looks so bright. White theme that is chosen by my aunt includes white marble floor, ceiling and bead board. On living room, I sit on grey sofa made of smooth leather and there is an aquarium which is decorated in blue color. From here, I see staircase without handrails.

Since weather outside is cold enough, my aunt asks me move to fire place. One side of wall in this fireplace is designed by taking out feel of rustic brick wall. Sofa in this room is polished in white and it is equipped with fur rug in silvery that covering laminate flooring. This house is applied with many bay windows made of glass that enable me to see scenery outside. I see kitchen designed that is decorated in white. Kitchen island is crafted from wood and it is combined with stainless steel kitchen appliances and white kitchen cabinet.

The Bedroom

I go to bed in bedroom which is decorated with polka dot patterns of wallpapers in assorted color. I really feel comfort to sleep in nice decoration of bed room. I lay on low profile bed that is covered with white quilt. Bathroom in this house is also decorated in white so I assume that all living spaces here are clean, sterile, and bright.

Facade Of The House Three Windows Outdoor Garden Terrace Hidden Lamps

Glasses Outdoor Railing Outdoor Pool Grey Sofa Staircase Laminate Ceiling

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Hidden Lamps Laminate Floor Sofa Larger Glasses Wall Outdoor Pool White Kitchen Cabinet

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