Amazing Futuristic House Design by 314 Architecture Studios

Architecture Studio White House Outdoor Pool

I was on my way to my friend’s house in Greece. I said to my friends that I need some refreshment from my work and he said he willing to lend his house to me for my vacation while he go to Caribbean with his wife and kids. I was wonder what kind of house that he own and does it can make me out for my boredom? I don’t that staying in his house is a good idea, but he insist and said that I will change my mind when I see his futuristic house.

When I arrive on his house I got shocked by the beauty of this futuristic house design idea that is owned by my friend. This lovely house is just not like the house that I have ever seen. The architectural design is just perfect. If you see this house you will kind of seeing an alien’s house from the future.

My friend said that this house id designed by 314 Architecture Studio, one of the most famous architectural studio in Europe. This amazing house is one of the best example what that studio capable to do.

Amazing Futuristic House

This amazing futuristic house is equipped with big swimming pool that makes this perfect house looks like float in the water. The architectural shape of this house is look like a fighter airplane texture with a lot of straight lines and simple shape.

The beauty of this house is not only about the architectural overview, the other thing that make this astonishing house is incredible is the location that is picked to manufacture this house. The green country side that picked to manufacture this house put on a great contrast with the modern architectural design.

I stop my step and give myself some times to admire this incredible house from the outside and thing that my holiday will not boring at all. The shape of the house, the white color selection for the exterior and the big swimming pool that equipped with contrast wooden deck and bathing chair are just become the perfect ingredient to put me out of my boredom. Futuristic house design idea is truly great thing to see and I believe it also great thing to live on.

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