Adorable Homemade Bookshelf with Unorthodox Design

White Bookcase In Living Room Simple Homemade Bookshelf Design

Recent days see a promotion in reading habit. What implication it has on architectural regard comes in the increasing popularity of bookshelf. More and more house interior today have bookshelf within them. While in the past the orthodox design of bookshelf is preferred, as the world shifts to modern era, it carries over its modern characteristic to the design of the bookshelf as well. This is especially apparent in the design of a homemade bookshelf. The bookshelf comes in an extremely intricate design involving stacked symmetries that may look odd at initial glance, but excellent at days following.

The Creatively Intricate Design of the Homemade Bookshelf

It is important to note in this evaluation of the bookshelf, that the only property that signifies it as a bookshelf and not a mere décor is its function. This is because of the design that employs a really intricate symmetry that strays far from what is orthodox and common for the shape of a bookshelf. To be rather detailed and exact, the design it carries is a triangular bookshelf design. The triangular in feature is, however, not singular. It features vast collection of triangles that are stacked into an unsymmetrical polygon.

Each of these triangles is built using wood and has an indent that allows storage of books. However, the small dimension of each triangle allows only a very limited amount of books to be stored. Therefore, in order to store a large amount of books, they have to be scattered around the numerous indents within these triangles. While this employs even more efforts only for the sake of storing books, the aesthetical value makes more than enough bargain.

Design of the Room Where the Homemade Bookshelf Resides

While the design detail of the bookshelf is independently magnificent, its designer still ensures that is featured in a room with proper arrangement to accommodate it. Since the bookshelf employs wooden bookshelf construction with preserved brown color, the rest of the room are also painted in brown. This is apparent in the color of the floor and wall layout.

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