Round Bathroom With Bathtub Big Mirror And Glass Windows Granite Floor Watafel And Tranparent Chair

Super Luxurious House

Be careful or you might get lost in this big, super luxurious house. What can go wrong with this house? It is placed on top of the hill in Ranch Santa Fe with 360° view of beautiful surroundings, has 6 bedroom suites, 8 amazing baths, beautiful patios and terrace, irresistible swimming pool and Jacuzzi. I could go on and on about all the cool things this house has, but the…

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Woman Sit On Futuristic White Chair

Wonderful Minimalist Home Decor for Your Modern House

People like to explore deeper in the interior design ideas, there are so many interior design that you can use in the interior design ideas, one of the popular interior design is the minimalist home decor that people like to apply in their home decoration concepts to brings spacious home decor inside of the house. The minimalist design ideas also identical with the modern house style of the house, this…

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Pond And Natural Atmosphere Around EHA Residence

AHA Family Residence: Rustic Modest Elegant house

People who have modern soul usually have wished to build AHA Family Residence. This house is being famous this recent year. There are many people talk about this house. This design is very suitable applied in the village. The green scenery in the village cannot be found in the city. So, many villagers have the chance to build this house. They can live pleasant with beautiful scenery around them. I…

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Caribbean Resort  Elegant Side Chairs Indoor Plants Impressive Beach View

Mesmerizing Luxury Resort by the Sea

Tranquility in this luxury resort will blow your mind away from the hectic city life. The resort is located next the sea in the Anguilla, Caribbean Islands. You can enjoy the beauty of the sea and the green surrounding environment. If you choose to stay at the resort, you still enjoy the sea breeze while swimming at the hotel pool. Not only swimming, you also can enjoy sunbathing next to…

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Wheeler Residence Wooden Ceiling Gery Living Room

Stunning Style of the Wheeler Residence

Most of the people who are living in the area of California must know about the Wheeler residence. This residence is located in the area of Menlo Park. It is being established by based on the design of the William Duff and his team. They try to combine the idea of the high end model of the modern design that creates the modern touch on the residence. It is actually…

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Spectaculer Green View From Infinity Pool At Banyan Tree Resort

Stunning Modern Resort Design in Exotic Island

Wondering that you can waste your holiday time in the most beautiful island in the world with the perfect modern resort design as your place to stay with the luxurious service of the resort company to make your best holiday time, not only offer the interior design of the resort design, but also the complete facilities that you can enjoy in the interior decoration concepts of the residence. There will…

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Coppin Penthouse Excellent Long Dark Sofa With Cushion And Table With Glass Sliding Door Into The House

Beautiful Penthouse Panorama Using Glass Walls and Fences

If you have to live in a penthouse, you should not confuse with the design of your house. With the beautiful scenery that allows you to see the surrounding buildings or panorama, you can creatively design your own house and have some inspiration. If you have not any idea yet, the below home may inspire you to have a luxury look of home. Since you live in the top of…

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Contemporary Dining Room Floating Staircase Square Kitchen Table

Intriguing Square Kitchen Table with Green Chairs

In a house, it is very nice idea to have the Square Kitchen Table inside. It is caused by that kind of kitchen furniture design will be able to give a different atmosphere in a modern kitchen design. That modern kitchen will have a better look if it is also filled with the interesting kitchen interior design and decorating idea. However, the existence of the kitchen furniture is very important…

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Traditional Residence Design Purple Flowrs Stone Wall

Wonderful La Finca for Beautiful Home Creation

As the time goes by, people now tend to use the design application of the La Finca as the best interior and also exterior design. It would be such a best balance system in order to create the best holiday residence for those who are keen on having the private style for the family. It is located in the area of Spain in where we can easily get the beauty…

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White Ceramic Wall Of Bathroom With Wastafel And Chest Of Drawer

Effortless Beauty

This effortlessly beautiful apartment is just what everyone need. It is neat, it is cheerful, it is gorgeous and most importantly, it doesn’t need fancy furniture but also does not look cheap! The first time you walk into the room, you would see the kitchen and the living room — it is actually a small apartment but it looks spacious because it does not use any room divider except for…

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